Welcome to the Alemán Lab.  We are an experimental physics group working loosely within the boundaries of condensed matter; our interests range from micrometer and nanometer-scale optical, mechanical, and electronic systems to spin in the solid-state (spintronics) and materials science.  It is our mission to use physics as a platform to unravel the mysteries of the universe and to develop new methods, knowledge, or technologies that find useful and beneficial applications in our world.

News:  The renovation of our new lab will start any day now!  Here are some pictures of the current space before the demolition and construction work is done.


Carbon nanotube nanoelectromechanical resonator vibrating in first two modes.

Carbon nanotube nanoelectromechanical resonator imaged in a transmission electron microscope. The nanotube device is shown off-resonance (top) and vibrating in its first two resonant modes.