Hannes Bend

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“We learned that nature is not deterministic, and only probabilities can be predicted.

Probability does not exist.

Google should just do nature’s job.

You know that there’s a sense of progress in science, and as we understand more, it just turns out that, somehow, the world evolves with us.

Science is everyone’s game.”

(quotes by Nina Arkani-Hamed, Bruno De Finetti, Michael Vassar, Lisa Randall and Nichelle Nichols)


I am grateful to be a visiting artist in Benjamín’s lab and the UO; and to work with such extremely talented collaborators for my “metaverses” project, selected by the Oregon Arts Commission and Oregon Arts Commission for the “Third Culture Project” 2014/2015.

Currently we – collaborators Irida Mance, Kandyce Kelley and me – are conducting the EEG study “Correlation between Visual Stimuli and Brain States” at the lab of Edward Vogel (Institute of Neuroscience). It is supported by the mindfulness research of Heidemarie Laurent and Robin Hertz; and includes images by David Miller (Alemán lab), the Richard Taylor lab, Kahli Burke, Jordan Pierce and the McMorran lab, among images from various contexts and cultures to study stress-reducing patterns, conscious awareness and a/symmetry. Together with Cooper Boydston and Matt Larsen (Computer Science), we are generating visualizations for the work “Seecular,” which includes augmented reality and biofeedback for a human-machine interfaced installation / public art work on campus; and to evolve as a visualization program.


A focus of my current research is on dimensionality – How we are capable of describing reality through mathematics and science, creating virtual reality through technology, communicating and comprehending via visualizations; and what the implications could be. Are there separate dimensions (2D, 3D, etc.) or are they (mathematical and otherwise) conventions enabling us to make sense, study, program etc. with an astonishing accuracy? Is everything a ‘mathematical structure,’ as proposed by many scholars throughout human history? What does that mean for human and nonhuman life?


The “Third Culture Project” is a unique opportunity to examine and produce new creative works, embracing meshed creative and scientific perspectives and practices.

Recent studies by anthropologists, art historians, evolutionary biologists and neuroscientists (Dissanayake, Boyd, Barbot, Tan, Grigorenko) have noted that whereas the arts and sciences were once closely linked, today art is primarily a nonfunctional entity, existing solely to offer aesthetic pleasure. I strongly believe we can and should reclaim other functions of art and culture within society: as an aid to comprehend contexts and solve problems, to encourage social cohesion and cooperation, and to provide a gateway to higher thinking.

In my creative practice, I emphasize the human means, values and necessities that currently exceed technological and biological predictability. For me, art is essential to derive an intuitive and intellectual understanding of existence and a reality with exponential technological and scientific progress.

More information – http://www.hannesbend.com/index.php?/recent/metaverses–seecular/


Growing up in rural villages in Northern Europe, I studied and lived in Berlin for twelve years and am nomadic, with a basis in NYC. I enjoy bicycling, basketball, body scans, soccer, swimming, Vipassana, yoga and water.


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